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Do you like dark and chaotic fantasy lands, full of evil wizards, magical beasts and mystical places? Then Might Makes Right may be the perfect way for you to kill some time at work, on public transport or at home when you are bored. In this fantasy browser game you play a mighty barbarian who wants to avenge the murder of his people by an evil necromancer. In your home village, Wolfcrest, you can visit the shaman and the blacksmith to get weapons, armor and magical potions for your adventures. With the right amount of gold and blood rubies you can bribe the beast master to get one of his mounts for faster travel. Find and kill the legendary villains of the Wild Lands and grab their loot to get even stronger. Finally enter the forbidden temple and defeat the evil sorcerer and all the minions he sends against you. After your quests, stop at the tavern for some meat, drinks and babes. With the right amount of coins you can even gamble for more items and greater riches. Will you be the mightiest barbarian of all times? Then do not hesitate, rage, enter the fighting pit, and find out! Bash your friends and show them that only Might Makes Right!

  • Become the mightiest barbarian ever
  • Get the deadliest weapons
  • Get the hottest babes
  • Instant Fun - no installation required
  • Play anywhere
    via your browser
  • ... and much more